Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gibraltar and Morocco

The day I handed everything in for uni (in May) Joseph and I travelled home to Nottingham ready to get a plane to Gibraltar the next morning! Here are a few snaps from our journey...
We landed to this impressive view of the whole of Gibraltar! 

Our hotel view
On the first full day we spent 8hours exploring the Gibraltar Rock. We took the cable car up but walked down after trekking about seeing as much we could! 
A cheeky monkey came and drank from my bottle! He was a thirsty little thing!!
We got up close and personal with some of the younger monkeys! 
Mummy and baby monkey.
Joseph, Monkey and Me

On day two we took an excursion to Morocco! Fascinating place, I've never experienced people on the hard sell like that before. Incredible place though!
Camel time!
Sadly because we were rushed around so quickly to fit as much into the day as possible I didn't manage to get any good shots of the tiny streets and that happenings going on!

Back in Gibraltar that evening we crossed the boarder into spain for dinner and decided we would hire a car for our final 24hours.
I need to finish the film off in our underwater camera so I can develop our photos from the beach
Spain and the runway dividing them from Gibraltar.
On our final night we watched the sunset from the rock.
The perfect end.

I came home as pale as when we left. Joe on the other hand!!

That's all for this update!

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