Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moon Dreamer-Progress

Moon Dreamer

A preview of a girl I'm working on.
I'll post a full scan when she's done! She's water colour and pencil on card. No special card either literally just the back of an old sketchbook! Turns out I love painting on it though! I was expecting it to bleed loads when I first tested it out but to my happy surprise it doesn't at all! booyah!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Illustrations new and old

Origami Wolf 2011
Beetles from Berlin's Natural History Museum Jan 2011
Woodland Animals
Blind and continuous line drawings
Badger, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, Deer, Owl, Mouse, Hedgehog.
Some turned out better than others.
Badger is my favourite!
Acrylic Silhouette. 

I had to tackle this fellow this morning! And because I'm a big girls blouse I was shaking like a leaf! ha. I am pretty impressed that I managed to catch him though! Normally I'd pass the job on to someone else. This wasn't an option this time. He was far toooooo close to my bed for comfort so out the window he went. Bye Bye Boris!
Boris the Spider by The Who
My Boris didn't meet a sticky end though!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentines day. Not a day I usually indulge in but yesterday my sweetheart surprised me with a Single Red Rose and perfume from Harvey Nichols! Prada Candy is the one he chose after a wild goose chase trying to find my favourite perfume (Aquolina Pink Sugar) that you can't actually buy in the UK! After consulting many different perfume counters he found what he thought to be the next best thing! In actual fact I love it more than the other one! I've never been so surprised or felt so special! I now feel terribly guilty because I didn't get him anything thinking we weren't going to bother!! (I'll make it up to him) But together we made a super delicious cheese cake. The best I've ever tasted if I do say so myself! Cooked a tasty dinner and ate by candle light. So cheesy I know! I have to admit though, I've loved every second :)
Thank-you to my lovely :) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Okay so this is what I've made for my mum for her birthday... I hope she doesn't read this before she comes tomorrow and I get to give it to her!! I had no plan when I started apart from a notion of what I wanted to do with the face so that's where I started then just went with it and this is what happened! She's quite odd... Might have ago at making some more and with a bit more pre planning next time! Woo! I hope she likes it!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday Shells

Today is a dear friends birthday! I made her these lacy shells as a little gift. Along with some yummy cupcakes! Happy Birthday!
Wish her a Happy Birthday too and buy her beautiful handmade things! Yay!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Here's another sketchbook peek! Random sketchbook peeks yaya! Just what you've always wanted!
And here's me, being lame.
Later Illustrators!

The Twins

Say hello to The Twins.

In progress, the start of a series I'll be doing! My twins are painted in Oil paint on wood (I'm not too sure what this actual wood is but I'll find out) I'm very new to this medium but I'm enjoying every second of it so far! Need to think of names for me ladies! Any suggestions?


Woohoooooo!! Finally! Photobucket seems to be the answer to all my problems! Phew!
Now time to get back on track with my posting! Although it's been a while (apologies) I've not much to say. I've been enjoying my time to myself. Sometimes in life we need to be alone right? Or maybe that's just me?! Hey, recluse or not... I still managed to go out and get horrendously drunk for a friends birthday which resulted in a WHOLE day in bed! Oops! I didn't get up until 8pm!!! Crazy times!Anyway, here are some photos I've taken recently, enjoy.x.

At the moment I've got a bit of an obsession with condensation on windows, look at the beautiful shadows left on the window frame.
That's all for now, Seeya soon.x.

Sketchbooks and feathers

Untitled by Later-Illustrator
Untitled, a photo by Later-Illustrator on Flickr.
Hello, here's a little sketchbook snippet for you... I'm now trying to upload via flickr to save the blurryness but alas, still no luck! Click the photo to see better quality on flickr :)
Also check out my tumblr, posts seem to upload better there...
I am working hard to sort this all out though!
Take care to you all! x x