Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentines day. Not a day I usually indulge in but yesterday my sweetheart surprised me with a Single Red Rose and perfume from Harvey Nichols! Prada Candy is the one he chose after a wild goose chase trying to find my favourite perfume (Aquolina Pink Sugar) that you can't actually buy in the UK! After consulting many different perfume counters he found what he thought to be the next best thing! In actual fact I love it more than the other one! I've never been so surprised or felt so special! I now feel terribly guilty because I didn't get him anything thinking we weren't going to bother!! (I'll make it up to him) But together we made a super delicious cheese cake. The best I've ever tasted if I do say so myself! Cooked a tasty dinner and ate by candle light. So cheesy I know! I have to admit though, I've loved every second :)
Thank-you to my lovely :) 

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  1. hope you had great time for V. day :)
    now following :)