Friday, January 27, 2012

When you're feeling under the weather. Beans on toast. Best thing for you. I'm sure of it! Takes you right back to being a kid again! And who wouldn't want that eh? Sometimes it's the simple things that make life great when you feel like crap. Here is a sketch which gives to a glimpse (I like the word glimpse) into the biggest thing I've ever painted! The wooden canvas is approximately about 4ft high... by 2ft wide! Exciting times!

Untitled by Later-Illustrator
Untitled, a photo by Later-Illustrator on Flickr.
Catch ya Laaaayter Illustrators!

Pretty little things

Untitled by Later-Illustrator
Untitled, a photo by Later-Illustrator on Flickr.

Just a quick hello to say I'll be back to fill in the past few days and drawings very soon!!
x x

Drying flowers

Untitled by Later-Illustrator
Untitled, a photo by Later-Illustrator on Flickr.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Early Russian cartoon: The Returned Sun (+English subtitles)

Still working out my upload issues but in the mean time watch this! Amazing 1936 Russian cartoon by Olga Khodatayeva Soyuzmultfilm studios.The story is based on Eskimo legends and rituals and spring celebrations as the sun teturns after two months of winter darkness. Uploaded by Niffiwan

Later Illustrator!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sun Rays and Shadows.

The Sunshine is back casting beautiful shadows on the wall! The days are getting longer, definitely getting longer that is for sure! Spring is coming! The sun is soon to breath life into us all again and put a spring in our step!
Cheesy, cheesy, oh so very cheesy.Oh well! Hey ho, I love spring and summer Woohooooo!
x x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Days 7 and 8

Today I rose at 7.30am and I went running. Boy, I could definitely feel that it's been a while! But it's time to get in shape! Cliche January get fit plan. Hey ho! Who didn't eat loads over christmas?! 
Since my shower and breakfast I've been drawing away like a merry little hedgehog! (Maybe tomorrow I'll draw a hedgehog!) Here is my drawing from yesterday, horsey horsey
And below is one of the quick sketches I've done today! More to come later on! :)

Catch ya LaterIllustrator!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


10th January 2012
Here is the sixth daily drawing done today (10th)

Simple effective non the less! I plan on reproducing this on a much Larger scale! Exciting, I love repetition and such similar things!

Also here is a photograph from my train journey home today.
Taken on my phone, un-touched. I really enjoy long quiet train journeys. On this particular journey I saw from the window a Pheasant, a Cat, two Lamas, many Sheep one of which was sprinting across the field, Chickens, Magpies, Crows, Horses and Cows.
I definitely wasn't expecting to see the Lamas, or the Pheasant to be honest!



Hellooo World!
So, Five whole days have passed since my birthday and my resolution!
After a wonderful extended birthday weekend filled with lots of fun and fabulous food I'm back with Five new drawings for you all :) 





And here we have the first five contributions!
The photo quality shall be improved shortly :) Promise!
 Now back to everyday life again, thank-you to everyone who made my 21st extra special :) 
Lotsa lovin'

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

To me... Tomorrow..
It's my birthday tomorrow and I always start my resolutions on my birthday because it's my personal new year. Make sense?
A Daily Drawing.
Doesn't have to be fantastic but it has to be something!! And hopefully at the end I'll have a fabulous habit drilled in and a grid of 365 drawings to post. Woohooo!
This biatch is gonna get organised!

Wishery {Disney Remix}

Anyhoooo! Enjoy the Disney remix aaaaand HAPPY 2012!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous one so far!