Sunday, April 15, 2012

Berlin Diana F+

This was the first film I shot on my DianaF+ sadly not many photos came out but I am happy with the ones that did so thats okay :) From my trip to Berlin January 2011? maybe 2010? Definitely need to go back some time because we didn't get to see everything! But everything we did see was pretty fab :)


Some photos from my DianaF+ finally got the films developed a year later! A few from a visit to Nottingham Castle with my brother (above) showing Nicole (above) from Canadaaa Eh?! The sights of our hometown :) Miss you Nicole!! x x

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A quick little painting I did some time this week. In other news I now have Instagram so you can follow me there @laterillustrator :)
Happy Easter all!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today I've been playing around with coloured flashes, flowers and exposures! I created the layered, double and triple exposures in Photoshop CS4. Photos shot on a canon EOS 40d using the flash from my Diana f+ and quality street wrappers (over the flash not the lens) because I'm a hoarder and save shit like that... Above are a few of the shots I came out with. More to come soon!
Apologies for delays between posts, I was planning on posting loads over easter but shit happens. Anyway. Here I am getting back on the game!
PS. for the tumblr kids out there