Monday, March 5, 2012

So it's been a little while, sorry about that!
I've just had a really lovely weekend with these two lovely ladies and tea, coffee, cakes, yoga, drinks, dancing, shopping, fab food the lot!
I am exhausted! I need to take more photos again!
The sky has been really beautiful recently, I've spent a lot of time day dreaming in the sky instead of working on the presentation I'm supposed to be doing on thursday. It is stressing me out far too much. I'm making a video (which is horrible) of it because I physically can't get up and do it. Eurgh. I feel sick at the 
very thought of it!
Boomtown fair 2011
I'm having so many headaches at the moment too which might be related to my stressing over this presentation. have however found comfort in knowing that I'm not weird for enjoying my own company more of the time than not. A friend of mine says she's the same and spends a lot of time on her own. I was starting to think I was abnormal but I'm not so that makes me happy :)
Apologies for the whiney post and the lack of general postage! Be back on the game soon!
 Hope you're all well, more illustration on it's way too!
And the finished Moon-Dreamer is on her way! Yeah exciting times!

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